Apollo Core Set Recipe Updated

When MZ first released the recipe for the new Apollo Core Set, it would seem they were a bit mixed up and posted the WRONG recipe to their own blog.

They have since corrected the issue, and our line sharing recipe card and pastable lists have been updated.

Please make sure you have the correct recipe to share…


Pieces for all cores: Bottled Cure + Eternal Flame + Elixir of the Gods

Helm: Sunborn Egg + Book of Omens + Sphere of Prophecy
Armor: Bottled Disease + Olympian Bowstring + Apollo Sigil
Feet: Silver Lyre String + Tail of Pytho + Apollo Sigil
Weapon: Olympian Bowstring + Tail of Pytho + Bottled Disease
Accessory: Silver Lyre String + Sunborn Egg + Apollo Tribute

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