Cores List Updated

We’ve just updated the filterable, sortable cores list to include all the new cores available as of today.

New cores added:

Armor of Aries Core
Belt of Strength Core
Combatant Javelin Core
Combatant Leathers Core
Combatant Mantle Core
Combatant Protector Core
Combatant Visor Core
Conquest Armor Core
Dire Mail Core
Dire Shield Core
Forest Greaves Core
Gemini Guards Core
Helm of Aries Core
Mayan Headdress Core
Nian Boots Core
Nian Cracker Core
Ragebeast Helm Core
Staff of Dread Core
Tempest Gauntlet Core
Tidal Crown Core
Tidal Kilt Core
Tidal Pauldron Core
Tidal Trident Core
Tidal Trophy Core
Yokai Armor Core
Yokai Helm Core

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