Defensive Core Sets – General/Mixed

Game of War Defense Cores

When planning a general (non-troop-specific) set of defense cores, you’re typically going to be choosing cores and pieces to achieve specific Troop Defense, Troop Attack, and Enemy Troop Attack Debuff Stats.

There are a lot of variables to consider.  Troop count/type, research completed, hero and vip level, and so on.  You need to test to figure out what your “best” stats are for your SH.

Target Defense Core Stats

Here are two sets of “good” stats that show what should be achievable with a defensive core set using fairly common cores, pieces, and gems.

When we’re referring to High vs. Low troop counts – we’re talking about the ability for you to kill the entire attacking march.  If your troop count is so low that some of your attacker’s troops return home, add more attack and test again.  Continue to add attack and test until you’ve found the “sweet spot” where you’re killing the whole march and then stack defense on top of that.

Defending Against General General
Defender Troop Comp Low Count High Count
Defense 1750%-1850% 2200%-2300%
Attack 700%-800% 350%-450%
Health 250%-350% 350%-450%
Attack Debuff 650%-750% 950%-1050%
Health Debuff 300%-400% n/a
Defense Debuff 300%-400% 200%-300%
Troop Specific Attack Debuff n/a 100%-300% ea

Keep in mind these are stats from the cores only.  When equipped, you would have added boosts from your Buildings, VIP, Hero, etc…

Also – these stats are very generic, meant to provide a good overall boost, whereas other types of defensive core sets are meant to blunt attacks from certain attack core sets (like zeus, poseidon, frostbitten, etc…).




Defense Core Set Recipes

These cores and pieces will yield results near the stats listed above.  Keep in mind, these are very generic sets.  If you’re defending against some of the newer core missiles like Poseidon, Zeus or Ares, you will want to look at improving stats that will boost you against those sets’ specific strengths.  Try swapping out cores and pieces to see what you can come up with!

Low Troop Count Recipe:

Helm: Emerald Helm Core
Armor: Emerald Armor Core
Feet: Emerald Legging Core
Weapon: Manticore Tooth Club Core
Accessories 1-3: Volcano Core

Pieces for all:  Antique Pottery + Earth Icon + Earthen Jar + Illusion Token +Rusted Gorget + Winter Glass

High Troop Count Recipe:

Helm: Frostforged Helm Core
Armor: Emerald Armor Core
Feet: Red Scale Boots Core
Weapon: Hunting Spear Core
Accessories 1-3: Jeweled Bangle Core

Pieces for all:  Antique Pottery + Celestial Essence + Earth Icon+ Earthen Jar + Illusion Token + Winter Glass

Other General Defense Cores

Helm Wyrmscale Helm Core
Minotaur Helm Core
Stone Peak Helm Core
Frostforged Helmet Core
Armor Charged Fullplate Core
Emerald Armor Core
Frozen Breastplate Core
Wolfsbane Corset Core
Feet Plated Foot Armor Core
Pareo Core
Red Scale Boots Core
Winged Greaves Core
Weapon Hunting Spear Core
Nine Dragon Trident Core
Sai Core
Star Blade Core
Accessories Firecrackers Core
Turtle Shield Core
Ice Crystal Core
Volcano Core

Other General Defense Pieces

Earth Icon
Broken Antler
Winter Glass
Heron Charm
Fresh Lotus
White Fur Crest
Illusion Token
Scarab Brooch
Earthen Jar
Ancient Spearhead
Crown of Humility
Frost Steel
Captured Soul
Eternal Wisdom
Silver Seal
Asgardian Ingot
Seal of Death
Pile of Ash
Rare Gold Coin


11 thoughts on “Defensive Core Sets – General/Mixed

    1. Kind of a hard question to answer… because it depends on your research and other stuff. Best thing to do is build a set… take a hit. If you don’t kill the whole march, then adjust… gradually adding more attack until you do.

  1. All t4 is much easier to capture hero but you can also run t2 t4 trap that will make it easier to burn normally but you will almost always win on points as long as you don’t go over the 13-1 ratio

  2. With new 5.4m rallies and new sets i personally consideranything below 500m regular t2 and 50m strat t4 as low. If that help

  3. I had a 12:1 ratio of t2/t4 troops at a total of 2.5B troop count. This troop setup was pretty much perfect until I got zeroed. I’ve built myself back up but with the new Gem Set Bonus I’ve been burning. Now my new troop set up will be the same ratio just t3/t4 only. Before the new set bonus came out you could be a 17B trap and just chill and hold heroes but not the case anymore.

  4. I just finished making a solo trap at 2.9b power that has no issue capturing full marches in blue/purple regular gear but burns on cores. Came here in hopes of an updated recipe list but these seem outdated.

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