Dragon King Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

Dragon King Core Set

The Dragon King Core Set is high ranged attack, high defense debuff (if skilled and gemmed properly).

Dragon King Core Set Base Stats
Dragon King Base Stats – Unskilled and Ungemmed

When attacking with Dragon King, you ALWAYS send Ranged Troops, as all boosts are tuned to improve ranged attack stats.

Please note: All Skills/Gems listed below are for hitting Strongholds with their hero at home.

Copy/Paste Dragon King Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):

Dragon King:

Pieces for all cores: Jade Tiger + Jade Dragon + Jade Monkey + Jade Horse

Helm: Dragon Scales + Lucky Coins
Armor: Dragon Scales + Mystic Knot
Feet: Three-legged Toad + Lucky Coins
Weapon: Three-legged Toad + Mystic Knot
Accessory: Lucky Coins + Mystic Knot

Dragon King Core Set Line Sharing Image:


Dragon King Core Set Hero Skills:

This SS shows full hero level 60.  For lower hero levels, order of priority is:  Altar Boosts, Attack/Defense/Health Debuffs, Set Bonus, Ranged Attack, Health, and finally Ranged Health.



Dragon King Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

*PLEASE NOTE: These gems are best for hitting SH with hero HOME.  At this point, it’s not advisable to hit with a hero in the wonder or prison unless it’s a somewhat smaller target.

Special:  Devastation (35% DD), Heartbreaker (25% DD), Leap Year (35% attack)
Regular: Leap Year (35% DD), Voyager (25% DD), Volley (17.5% Ranged Attack, 17.5% DD), Pot-o-Gold (17.5% attack, 17.5% DD), Sanguine (15% Ranged Attack, 15% DD)

Dragon Core Set Special Set Bonuses:

Try to reset to one of these bonuses, or a combination of the two.  Testing indicates that TROOP DEFENSE DEBUFF produces best results, but INFANTRY TROOP DEFENSE DEBUFF is highly effective as well (and seems to be more common).


5 thoughts on “Dragon King Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

    1. When you craft one of the secret recipe sets like Dragon King, if you click any of the cores in your inventory you’ll see a button that says set details. Go in there and scroll to the bottom to “set” the secret bonuses. If it doesn’t give you the one you want, you can reset it using an item or gold. With many of these secret recipe sets, there are definite “best” bonuses. The defense debuff secret bonus, in the case of Dragon King, increases the usefulness of the set by granting a significant extra defense debuff to your target. So for example, if you receive a health debuff bonus on the first try and you want defense debuff, you would reset until you get it.

  1. I wish you would post a baseline stats pic for the set. I never craft Dragon bone or Dragon King. Because they are so much weaker than the main three.

    1. We were just looking at that comparison yesterday… Good timing! I’ll “prettify” the pics and add to this post. Give me an hour. Thanks Mike

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