Game-Pastable Lists

These are the up-to-date lists of everything you need to dominate GoW.  All are specifically made so you can copy/paste in game chats.  Have one you think should be listed?  Leave it in comments below!

Pastable NamePastable
Research GearResearch Gear

Head: Chancellors Hood*, Magister Headdress*, Phoenix Beak Helm, Reapers Hood
Armor: Chancellors Robes*, Magister Robe*, Phoenix Breastplate, Mammoth Bone Cuirass
Feet: Chancellors Garb*, Magister Wraps*, Rabbit Boots
Weapon: Chancellors Scepter*, Magister Scepter*, Char Crusher, Jade Legend, Scythe
Accessory: Chancellors Tome*, Magister Orb*, Shoguns Sashimono, Glass Vase, Chalice, Decanter

* Part of Chancellor/Magister Set (best gear)
Help Alliances3/21🔹aKh 2.5% 500M 40:200:398
🔹tuG 1B 190:350:500
🔹A25H 2.5% 200M 8:199:899
🔹tuL 200M 190:509:569
🔹87H 2.5% 100M 8:8:888
🔹hP- 100M 398:25:25
🔹hXX 2.5% 100M 40:320:426
🔹25. 100M 651:50:50 🔹24* 176:170:532
🔹2i5 234:31:293 🔹78H 2.5% 8:9:11
🔹Tug 2.5% 595:273:77 🔹cops 2.5%
🔹D F 106:224:652 🔹HATC 575:299:803
🔹4*G 2.5% 346:288:460 🔹25HS 508:26:28
🔹NFRN 579:501:839 🔹94H 559:94:94
🔹tuGs 200M 569:73:69 🔹MDH 204:400:240
🔹KAVA 2.5% 587:118:202
Construction GearConstruction Gear

Head: Architect’s Eyes*, Spiked Rock Skull, Rabbit Helm
Armor: Architect’s Garb*, Manticore Skin Armor
Feet: Architect’s Toolbag*, Geta, Poseidons Tail, Earth Stone Boots
Weapon: Architect’s Breaker*, Blacksmith Battle Hammer, Cutting Double Scythe
Accessory: Architect’s Balance*, The Odyssey, Treatise, Scroll

* Part of the Master Architect Set (best gear)
KVK Notice (change dates/times in-game)KVK KE!
Saturday Mar 19 6 PM PDT until Sunday Mar 20 PM PDT

Kvk starts Sat Mar 19 in USA
6 pm California/PST🏻
8 pm Chicago/CST
9 pm New York/EST
sun 3/20 in Europe
2 am England /BST
3 am France/CEST
4 am Istanbul/Moscow
sun 3/20 in Oceania
11 am Sydney aus
1 pm New ZEA
Nerf InfoNerf Limits
(Max Troops before they become 5X weaker)
T1 - 14.9 million
T2 - 12.5 million or 10X per each T4 (some say 12X)
T3 and T4 - No Nerf Limit

T2:T4 nerf is on a 12:1 ratio. If that doesn't make sense to you. For every 1 T4 you train you can train 12 T2 without being affected by nerf. So 10m T4 allows 120m T2. Etc
Ryujin (Fisherman) Core Set Recipe (Infantry Attack)Ryujin (Fishermen)

Pieces for all cores: Lacquer Box + Sake Bottle + Hour Glass + Elegant Red Ribbon

Helm: Ancient Scroll + Silver Scales
Armor: Lute + Tortoise Shell
Feet: String of Coins + Seahorse Statue
Weapon: Golden Thread + String of Coins
Accessory: Palace Pearls + Silver Scales
Ra Core Set Recipe (Cavalry Attack)Ra

Helm/Armor/Feet/Weapon: Benben Stone + Bennu Feathers + Emerging Sun + Hathor's Milk + Osiris Mace Head + Tamarisk Branch

Accessory: Heiroglyph of Hearing + Heiroglyph of Sight + Heiroglyph of Smell + Heiroglyph of Taste + Heiroglyph of Thought + Heiroglyph of Touch
Dragon King Core Set Recipe (Ranged Attack)Dragon King:

Pieces for all cores: Jade Tiger + Jade Dragon + Jade Monkey + Jade Horse

Helm: Dragon Scales + Lucky Coins
Armor: Dragon Scales + Mystic Knot
Feet: Three-legged Toad + Lucky Coins
Weapon: Three-legged Toad + Mystic Knot
Accessory: Lucky Coins + Mystic Knot
Frostbitten Core Set Recipe (Extreme Cavalry Attack and Defense Debuff)Frostbitten

Pieces for all cores: Winters Essence + Frozen Soul + Icy Grip

Helm: Frost Ore + Frozen Breath + Broken Antler
Armor: Frost Steel + Deer Pelt + Frozen Breath
Feet: Winter Glass + Frost Steel + Ice Crystal
Weapon: Frost Ore + Ancient Spearhead + Winter Glass
Acc: Silver Seal + Deer Pelt + Broken Antler
Zeus Core Set Recipe (Extreme Infantry Attack and Defense Debuff)Zeus

Pieces for all cores: Fulgurite Ore + Pandoras Box + Pure Lightning + Hephaestus Ore

Helm: Elysium Cloth + Minotaur Skull
Armor: Medusa Scale + Olympus Plating
Feet: Chronos Remnant + Rhea Remnant
Weapon: Hydra Blood + Oracle Amulet
Acc: Medusa Scale + Elysium Cloth
Four Horsemen Core Set Recipe (Balanced Set - Typically used for wonder defense)Four Horsemen:

Helm: 4 Seals + Pestilence + Plague
Armor: 4 Seals + Famine + Hunger
Feet: 4 Seals + Death + Mortality
Weapon: 4 Seals + War + Strife
Accessory: Pestilence + War + Famine + Death + Plague + Mortality
Odin Core Set Recipe (Cavalry/Infantry Attack, Commonly used at wonder, Alternatively used as Cav/Inf Missile)Odin

Pieces for all cores: Wolf's Teeth + Raven's Eye + Sleipnir's Horseshoe + Valkyries Wings

Helm: Valkyries Invocation + Cosmic Ether
Armor: Eternal Wisdom + Asgardian Ingot
Feet: Valkyries Invocation + Asgardian Ingot
Weapon: Valhalla's Blessing + Frost Kissed Edge
Accessory: Whispers of Ragnarok + Shards of Ice
Orion Core Set Recipe (Infantry/Ranged Set, Commonly used at the wonder)Orion

Pieces for all cores: Solar Light + Constellations + Celestial Essence + Starlight Essence

Helm: Cosmic Essence + Astral Essence
Armor: Planetary Void + Aspect of Infinity
Feet: Comet Trail + Herald of Anguish
Weapon: Bottled Starlight + Herald of Anguish
Accessory: Supernova + Planetary Void
Dragon Bone Core Set Recipe (Ranged Attack)Dragon Bone

Pieces for all cores: Deaths Touch + Nightmare Affliction + Eternal Curse + Dragon Bane

Helm: Necrotic Infection + Decomposing Scales
Armor: Ravaging Plague + Bane of Corruption
Feet: Bane of Corruption + Dragons Soul
Weapon: Cursed Visions + Plague Heart
Accessory: Cursed Visions + Decaying Flesh
Emerald Dragon Core Set Recipe - OLD (balanced, typically used at wonder)Emerald Dragon - OLD

Pieces for all cores: Emerald Spines + Dragon Eye + Dragon Wing Web + Emerald Crystal

Helm: Dragon Nostrils + Dragon Tail Spade
Armor: Dragon Neck Scales + Emerald Leather
Feet: Emerald Leather + Dragon Foot
Weapon: Cracked Horn + Broken Handle
Accessory: Shoulder Plates + Dragon Neck Scales
Emerald Dragon Core Set Recipe - NEW (balanced, typically used at wonder)Emerald Dragon - New

Helm: Cat food, Chalice of destruction, Golden Feathers, Hieroglyph of Sight, Seal of Death, Wood Lacquer
Armor: Death, Earth Icon, Earth Sigil, Elegant Red Ribbon, Gorgon Silver, Silver Buckle
Feet: Fire Sigil, Furball, Glass Hard, Jade Dragon, Silver Rod, Wolf's Teeth
Weapon: Illusion Token, Rare Gold Coin, Ravens Eye, Sacred Pottery, Silver Scales, White Fur Crest
Accessory: Fabrege Egg, Gold Eagle Coin, Osiris Mace Head, Sleipnirs Horseshoe, Valkyries Wing, Venoms Snake
Dread Captain Core Set Recipe (Mixed Attack with Health Debuff, typically used at wonder)Dread

Pieces for all cores: Ancient Sextant + Cursed Jar + Storm Soul

Head: Blood Seaweed + Deep Sea Water + Sail Sheet
Armor: Barnacle + Blood Seaweed + Sail Sheet
Feet: Barnacle + Deep Sea Water + Rattled Bones
Weapon: Cutlass Handle + Deep Sea Water + Rattled Bones
Accessory: Ancient Sea Fossil + Pilfered Gold + Ship Bell
Hades Core Set Recipe (Mixed Attack/Defense)Hades

Pieces for all cores: Captured Soul + Eternal Padlock + Hades' Grimoire + Heart of the Mountain

Head: Divination Bones + Persephone's Brush
Armor: Divination Bones + Indestructible Shackles
Feet: Indestructible Shackles + Underworld Plating
Weapon: Cerberus' Leash + Torture Tool
Accessory: Eerie Crystal + Perdition Candle
Poseidon Core Set Recipe (High Ranged Attack, Huge Debuffs)Poseidon

Pieces for all cores: Depth Water + Kraken Heart + Naga Egg + Tsunami Jewel

Helm: Scylla Eye + Watcher's Pendant
Armor: Aqua Pendant + Giant Shell
Feet: Arcadian Tribute + Sunken Treasure
Weapon: Ship's Wheel + Trident Tip
Accessory: Giant Shell + Ship's Wheel
Ares Core Set (High Cavalry Attack, Huge Debuffs)Ares

Pieces for all cores: Burning Essence + Spartan Sigil + Ruby Sigil + Silver Horseshoe

Helm: Macedonian Tribute + Aphrodite Elixir
Armor: Armored Pauldron + Fire Goblet
Feet: Key of Thebes + Stallion Hair
Weapon: Reinforced Spearhead + Water Dragon Trophy
Accessory: Aphrodite Elixir + Stallion Hair

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