How to Get Hero XP Easy by Crafting (Video)

Gaining hero XP in GoW is tedious, but there are a few tricks to quickly level up your hero with minimal effort.

This particular method grants you over 500k xp each time you craft an item.  But it’s best to finish a few tasks first, to ensure that you’re gaining the most xp possible with each craft.

  1. Upgrade Gymnos to Level 21 (grants 125% Hero XP modifier)
  2. Obtain an Apollo’s Wreath helm (grants 18% Hero XP modifier)
  3. Upgrade Explorer Dungeon (grants up to 100% Hero XP modifier)

Once you’re ready, equip your Apollo’s Wreath, use a 25% Hero XP modifier from items.

What we’re going to do is go into the forge and find an item to craft that is inexpensive and for which you have lots of the materials needed.  In the example below, I’ve crafted a legendary Half Moon Hood for a reward of 512k Hero XP.  It doesn’t matter what you craft as long as you craft legendary (Gold)… but the cheaper the better.


Check out this video of the process to see an efficient way to do this over and over by clicking “back” once you’ve started crafting for easy hero XP.

One thought on “How to Get Hero XP Easy by Crafting (Video)

  1. Great suggestion!
    I crafted 1.5 bil (using one 15 min speeds and under 1000 silver for ea build) and reached level 60 without too much aggravation. The key was material which i had a ton of.
    this was an extremely helpful insight. thanks

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