Guide to Crafting Cores

What are Cores and how do you craft good core sets?

CORES are custom gear objects that grant super high boosts in the different battle statistic categories.  There are Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon and Accessory Cores.

When you “craft cores”, you’re adding PIECES to them, to augment their base stats.

Cores, once equipped, will expire after a certain amount of time… at which point they cease to exist and you’ll need to build new.  The timer starts once you equip and does not stop, even if you unequip the core

What do I need to be able to craft cores?

In order to craft cores you need to – at a minimum – do some research in the crafting tree to unlock your ability to be able to use the level of cores and number of pieces required to produce the gear you want.

Those players who want to lead rallies or who are building big rally traps will completely max their crafting research.

Some players who wish to remain small and use cores in trapping will unlock only up to purple cores and 4 or 5 pieces.

How can I produce better cores that last longer?

You can boost the duration AND quality of the cores you craft.  There is research in several of the trees that boost duration and quality, and there is gear available that does the same.  Look at “Salvager” gear in your forge under set gear.

At higher hero levels there are also hero skills available that will decrease your crafting costs, increase duration and increase quality.

Exactly how do I craft cores?

The process of crafting cores, once you know the core and pieces you want to use, is relatively easy.

  1. Enter your forge, click “Craft Core Equipment”
  2. On the cores tab, select the core you want to use.
    Core Crafting - Select Core
  3. Switch to the pieces tab and select the pieces you want to add to this core.
    Core Crafting - Add Pieces
  4. Select the remaining pieces and add them to your core.
    Core Crafting - Craft
  5. Click “Craft” and either wait for the timer to count down or speed your crafting.

    Core Crafting - Finished Core

That’s it!  Your crafted core is now available in your inventory and can be equipped on your hero.

Custom vs. Secret Core Recipes

Many players will envision a set of target stats they wish to achieve and mix and match cores and pieces in order to achieve those stats.  This is called custom core crafting.  Custom recipes that perform well are extremely valuable.

GoW also offers a number of pre-established secret core recipes that grant additional secret stat boosts beyond the boosts that the cores and pieces offer on their own.  Examples of these are Apollo, Ares, Zeus, and Poseidon.  These are currently the strongest core sets in the game.


Some players invest significant amounts of time studying and memorizing the different cores and pieces available – and testing different configurations to produce the perfect results for their unique targets.  So, don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t pick up on it right away.

Hopefully this quick guide gets you moving in the right direction.  Comment below with any questions you might have, or visit our DominateGoW Players Forum to ask questions and get some tips from other players!