Best Beginner Building Strategy

Building strategies are complex and will vary depending on the Type of empire you want to build (defensive vs. offensive, farm vs. main, etc…)

I’m not going to be able to get into detailed building specifics in one article, but will look at them separately in the coming weeks and months.

What this article will talk about is a few tricks to get you up in power really fast from the very start.


It goes without saying that the quickest way to build power in this game is to spend a little real world money.  Everyone can come up with $5, $10 or $15 so open the wallet.  It will help you a TON in your quest to become a powerhouse.

If you’re going to spend, make sure and wait for good, well rounded packages to come up.

For the record… yes, there are many players who spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month.  You will typically find them in the ruling alliance of each kingdom.

Push Events!

Before you start building or researching anything you NEED to understand events.

At any given time, depending on the age of the kingdom, there could be up to 4 events going on.  Events reward you with points for completing certain tasks… and getting points gets you some helpful prizes.

Smart players will time their growth with events to gain the maximum boost.  Many will even go so far as to NOT do anything until multiple events offer rewards for the same task.  Especially if you’re a spender, this is a way to maximize the reward for your investment.

First thing first… BUILD AND DEMOLISH (and build again)

When you first start a game, there’s one simple trick you can use to get some “free” power right off the bat.  It’s based on the idea of “Empire Quests” which give you extra power and rewards for completing certain tasks.

The first few empire quests are awarded each time you build 10 of the resource buildings.

So, build 10 farms and collect the quest… Then build 10 logging camps and collect the quest… then demolish enough of those buildings so that you can build 10 quarries and collect the quest… demolish some and then finally build 10 mines and collect the quest.

Once you’ve done that, you can set your empire up with whatever combination of farms, logging camps, quarries and mines you want.

Next you’ll do the same thing inside your empire walls with hospitals (10 for quest reward), barracks (10 for quest reward) and villas.

When you’re done, set up your inner city however you want.  (again, I’ll get into more advanced city layouts sometime in the future)


Go through and upgrade all your buildings as far as you can for “free” without upgrading your SH.  There’s really not much more to expand on there.


Again, not much here to go into detail on… just research everything you can before you can upgrade your SH.

SH Upgrades

Once you’ve completed all the building and research you can for your SH level, only then is it ok to upgrade your SH.

Once you upgrade your SH, do the same thing again… upgrade and research everything you can, then upgrade again.

Train Troops

During the early stages, I’m not personally a big fan of training too many troops.  There’s not a lot of benefit to attacking newer players and your t1 troops just aren’t going to do any damage to larger players.

However, you will need troops to collect RSS, so if you must train, train only enough troops to meet your march limit and use them to gather resources you’ll need to grow.

T3 troops are really the first troops you’ll actually use in battle, so don’t feel like you need to be training en masse until you research those.

Hero Points!

As you’re building, your hero will likely level up several times.  When this happens you can assign “skill points” that will help you build and research more efficiently.  You’ll want to set the two top levels at 3 points each, then begin assigning points to the research and construction skills.  Once those are filled, start filling up your skills on the right hand side.

Remember!  With a few exceptions, you only need to assign 5 points to a skill in order to unlock the next skill in line.  The goal is to get your research, construction and gathering maxed out to grow in the most efficient way.

I’ll keep adding to this as I remember stuff, so register to get updates!

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