Crafting and Gear

Crafting equipment for your hero grants you boosts and bonuses that can save you time and resource costs on nearly every task in the game.

The concept is simple… however, crafting is truly an art.   Let’s take a look at the basics and then I’ll reference some great tools and sources for more information to help you jump into more advanced study.


Every item you craft requires certain materials.  Materials may be found by farming tiles, attacking monsters, buying chests, or attacking other strongholds.

Materials come in different “levels” – ie. a level 6 glass gives a higher boost than a level 1 glass.  You can combine 4 of any one level material to create 1 of the next level up.

Higher level resource tiles drop higher level materials and drop more often… and different types of resource tiles drop different types of materials.  Here’s a quick summary.

Wood Tiles:  Feather, Leather or Timber
Food Tiles: Hide, Parchment or String
Silver: All basic materials.
Ore: Glass, Metal, or Plating
Stone: Marble, Cloth or Jewelry

Level 5 tiles will drop level 6 materials, although it is rare.

Crafting Levels

Crafting an item using higher level materials grants you a greater chance of crafting higher level gear… and higher level gear grants you greater boosts.

For example, if you craft an Odyssey with 3 level 6 parchment, you will have a 100% chance of crafting a level 6 (legendary) Odyssey (49.5% construction boost).  However, if you craft an Odyssey with 2 level 6 parchment and 1 level 5 parchment there is a 40% chance you will craft a level 5 Odyssey (41.3% construction boost) and your chance of crafting a level 6 Odyssey decreases to 60%.

Economics Gear and Boosts

Gear boosts are calculated based on the gear you’re wearing WHEN YOU START any building, research or training.  So, for example, if you equip gear with a 40% research boost, start the research, then remove the gear – you will not “lose” the 40% boost.

It makes sense for beginning players to concentrate first on building gear that helps with these economic boosts.  I won’t tell you exactly what gear to craft – mainly because I’m definitely not the authority on crafting, but here’s a couple items that you might keep an eye out for.

The Odyssey (Construction Accessory)
Chalice (Research Accessory)
Inferno Legplates (Training Speed Foot Gear)


There are some fantastic resources out there to help you get a complete view of the crafting landscape.

Materials Overview (with boost classifications)
Comprehensive Gear List

Great Gear Combos
(these resources courtesy of

Core Gear

You can’t talk about crafting anymore without talking about core gear.  Cores are more customized gear crafted with cores and pieces.  It’s waaay too much to get into in a beginner’s guide – and we will be coming out with more comprehensive information on the topic in the future – but for now here’s a little info we’ve collected.

Let’s Talk About Core Gear (
The Importance of Hero Skills/Items (with battle results from cores)


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