Game of War Beginner Basics

As a new player, there are a few basic strategies and rules that experienced players would LOVE for you to already know.

Protect Your Troops

– Farming

When you’re farming, your troops are highly exposed.  You should never farm offline.

– Ghost Rally

If your troops and hero are rallied and someone hits your SH, your troops cannot be harmed.  A lot of long-time players do this while they sleep, so they can’t be hurt.  It’s super simple to ghost rally.

1. Find a lv15 stronghold somewhere on the map, or any stronghold that is in an alliance.

2. Click it.

3. Press Rally.

4. Set an 8 hour rally, and include your troops and hero.

5.  That’s it!  Just make sure to cancel your rally before the timer runs out, or you’ll accidentally attack the city you targeted.

TIP: If you target a city across the forest, or a far way away from you, it will add a couple hrs to your timer… so you can sleep in

Kingdom Rules

Every kingdom is different but there are a few basic rules that everyone follows as common courtesy.

– Kingdom Chat

Unless you’re an R4 in your alliance, your alliance leaders would appreciate if you don’t chat in KC.

– Tile Pops / Tile Hits

It’s typically frowned upon to hit other players on tiles unless it’s a Kill Event.  This varies from kingdom to kingdom, but for the most part it’s a no no.

– First to March

When farming resource tiles, typically the first person to MARCH on that tile owns it.

– Stealing Monsters

Monsters that are 30% or less energy typically belong to the alliance that has taken its power down that far.  If a monster has less than 30% power, don’t hit it.

– The Forest

The forest and surrounding area is typically reserved for the ruling alliance.  Please don’t farm there and don’t put your SH within 30 or so tiles, just to be safe.

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