Game Speak

Game Speak

In the game, you’ll see a lot of terminology being thrown around that you’ll need to know to be able to effectively communicate.  Here’s a basic run down of the important terms.

– Coords (Coordinates)

Coordinates in the game will take you to a specific place on the kingdom map.  If you type them with a colon between them, it will let players simply click your chat message to visit those coords.  So type them like this 111:111.

– SH (Stronghold)

Your stronghold is your main building in the game.  So if you ever see someone say SH14, what they’re saying is “Stronghold Level 14”.

– RSS (Resources)

These are the in-game resources that you need to build/research/train.  They consist of Stone, Wood, Ore, Food, and Silver.

– Ghost Rally / Fake Rally

A ghost rally is a strategy players use to keep their troops and hero from being vulnerable to attack when they cannot shield their SH.  See the beginner basics for more detailed information.

– Tile Pop / Tile Hit

When you’re camped on a tile collecting resources, if someone hits you it’s called a tile pop or tile hit.  This is generally frowned on, unless it’s a KE… but your kingdom rules will dictate whether it’s ok to tile hit or not.

– Farming

When you’re encamped on a resource tile gathering resources, you’re “farming”.

– Events

Events are contests that provide you or your alliance with rewards for completing certain tasks.  More on that in another post.

– KE (Kill Event)

A kill event is an alliance event that rewards your alliance with points and prizes for hospitalizing or killing opposing alliance troops.

– The Wonder

Every kingdom has a wonder.  The owner of the wonder is typically the ruling alliance and can bestow a few special boosts to the players in his/her alliance.

– The Forest

The forest is the area surrounding the wonder.

– AC / KC / PM

Alliance Chat, Kingdom Chat, Private Message.



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