Kingdom Rules

No matter which kingdom you’re in, the ruling alliance is going to set some basic kingdom rules.

Does everyone follow them?  No.

Should you follow them?  Probably.

Here’s the deal.  When you’re first starting out as a kingdom (usually the first 3-5 months) you only interact and compete with other people IN YOUR KINGDOM.

But… soon enough, you’ll start being matched against whole other kingdoms in what are called KvK (Kingdom vs. Kingdom) events.

So, usually (and it’s not always the case), most ruling alliances will put some rules in place to make sure that everyone is learning the game, growing efficiently, learning how to battle and protect, and finally – having fun!

The rules will vary from kingdom to kingdom, but you’ll usually see them in these categories.

Forest Rules

These are the rules that dictate who can have SH’s in and around the forest, and who can and can’t farm in the forest.  The forest is tactically a very different area, and is where the most valuable tiles and monsters are, so ruling alliances want to make sure that only experienced players are using it.

Battle Rules

Battle rules dictate things like who you can and can’t hit, when you can hit them, and why you can hit them.  For example, some kingdoms will forbid hitting SH’s lower than 10.  Some kingdoms only allow hitting SH’s during Kill Events.

Many kingdoms have very specific rules about who and when you can hit people when they’re farming a tile.  This is because when you hit someone on a tile, their troops can only be killed – instead of hospitalized.  You lose them forever.

Tile Rules

Resource tiles aren’t always plentiful, so rules are set to dictate who “owns” a tile and what they have to do to claim it.  Some kingdoms say the first to march is always the owner, some say that you own it if it’s on your doorstep (right next to your city).  If people are getting in fights all the time over who should be farming a tile, it doesn’t really help them focus on growing… so these rules are important.


These dictate the rules of who can attack monsters and when.  Mostly these are to make sure that if you put effort (and money) in to killing a monster, that you get the appropriate event points and gifts for it.  Usually these rules will be something like “don’t attack a monster your alliance hasn’t already attacked” or “don’t attack a monster when its power is 30% or less”.

When someone says you “steal” a monster, it means that they had been working on killing it and you came in after they already weakened it and killed it first.


Heroes are arguably the most important part of the game since they give you so many growth boosts, so naturally there will be rules about what you do when you capture a hero.  These will usually dictate whose heroes you can and can’t execute.  Example might be “no killing or holding heroes from other alliances”.

There are a wide variety of different rules, and I probably didn’t even come close to capturing them all here.

At the end of the day, you have to decide whether you will follow the rules or not.  Just keep in mind, if you are playing to win in the long run – during kvk – the rules are usually set up to help you do just that.


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