If you’re new to Game of War, you’ve come to the right place to learn the basics of gameplay for this exciting online world.

The game is simple.  Grow your city, participate in an alliance, and conquer your enemies.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll quickly learn that things don’t stay that simple for long.  From learning game-speak to protecting your troops, there’s a lot to learn.  Kingdoms are constantly seeing changes in ruling alliances, which can mean changes to rules and playstyles.

When you first begin playing, you will be focused on building, researching, training and joining an alliance.

As you get deeper into the game, you’ll be pushing to unlock more powerful troop types, and participating in kingdom-wide “Kill Events” where you’re rewarded for hospitalizing or killing troops from opposing alliances.  Eventually your entire kingdom will be matched against other kingdoms in the game for kingdom-vs-kingdom events.

Keep checking back often for updates to this guide, and feel free to send any questions or topics you would like to see articles on to xeroeu@gmail.com.

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