How to Push Events


Using events to maximize your power gain is arguably one of the most important parts of growing an account in GoW.

At any given time, depending on the age of the kingdom, there could be up to 4 events going on.  Events reward you with points for completing certain tasks… and each event has three increasing point thresholds you must hit to receive a specific prize or group of prizes.

First, let’s take a quick look at the event types and tasks.

Event Types

Kingdom vs. Kingdom

All four Event Types shown in the Events Tab.

In KvK events, your entire kingdom is competing against an “Outworld” kingdom.  The most spoken of KvK events are Kill Events (KE) where you can port to another kingdom and vice versa.  However, there are all types of KvK growth and training events as well.

KvK typically does not happen until your kingdom has grown for 3 to 5 months.  There’s no known exact trigger for when yours will start, but according to MZ, they trigger them based on some secret combination of kingdom population, power and age.

Everyone always asks “when is KE?”.  The fact is, no one can know exactly when KvK events will begin for a kingdom – even despite the sometimes poorly worded blog posts that “hint” at a KvK.


Alliance events are competitions between all the Alliances in YOUR kingdom.  Just like KvK events, they can be all types of growth, training and KE.


Solo events are quite simply events rewarding you alone for your points.  These include all types, except KE.


Inferno are much more difficult solo events, often rewarding the best prizes.

Event Tasks

Growth-based event tasks include power growth, research, building, troop training, trap training, monster hits/kills, casino spins, and during some special events (like Coliseum) quest completion.

Kill Events reward points for hospitalizing or killing an opponents troops or traps.

I’ll get into a lot more detail in future guide updates, but this should give you all you need to know to begin learning to push events and maximize growth.

Pushing Events

Pushing events really isn’t rocket science, so there won’t be much more to this article.

In the simplest terms, you want to time your research, building, training and any other growth activity with the events.

Power players will even stop growing for days to wait for exactly the right combination of events and tasks for their next power push.

So, look for times when all or some of the KvK (if you have it), Alliance, Solo, and Inferno events are rewarding points for the same task, and push!  You’ll win gold, speedups, chests and any number of other prizes.

Do yourself a favor… For a couple days, take a minute and a calculator and figure up exactly how many days worth of speedups you’ll need to win all the events and it will help you.  Also be careful that you have all the RSS you need.  There’s not a lot that’s more frustrating than starting a push and discovering that you don’t have everything you need to complete it.  Eventually you will naturally know when it’s time to event push, and it will become second nature.

One last thought before I wrap this up.

There are few event combo’s in this game that reward more and are more fun than the Casino Event Combos.  You can win MASSIVE amounts of gold, rss and speedups from these.

Hoard your chips and resist the urge to spend them, because when the events align to all reward for casino spins – if you don’t have enough chips to play – you’ll be extremely disappointed:)

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