Hades Core Set Gems/Skills for Wonder Defense

The Hades Secret Core Set has become one of the most powerful and versatile wonder defense core sets available in the game.

Disclaimer:  Wonder players know that there’s no single “best” way to gem or skill a set – and there’s no “best” mix of troop types/classes.  As you grow as a wonder player, you’ll learn counters to many different setups… and counters to those counters.

What we present here is simply meant to be a foundation for you to build your hades experience off of.  So, I encourage you to experiment with variations, and you wonder-masters out there please leave comments below with any alternative setups you might discover.

Recipe Cards


Pieces for all cores: Captured Soul + Eternal Padlock + Hades’ Grimoire + Heart of the Mountain

Head: Divination Bones + Persephone’s Brush
Armor: Divination Bones + Indestructible Shackles
Feet: Indestructible Shackles + Underworld Plating
Weapon: Cerberus’ Leash + Torture Tool
Accessory: Eerie Crystal + Perdition Candle


Hades Gemmed and Skilled with Special Bonuses

The following is a standard gemming and special bonuses for hades for wonder DEFENSE.  You’re typically going to try to focus on attack and attack debuff at the wonder.



Gems for Hades

Gems used above are Leap Year Special (35% Attack), Domination (35% Attack), Power (25% Attack), and Chronos (12.5% Attack, 12.5% Attack Debuff).

Other gems that might come in handy are Chocolate Special (35% Attack Debuff), Troll Special (35% Health Debuff), Abyssal (20% Attack, 5% Defense), Nightmares (25% Health Debuff).

Again, there’s no absolutely right way.

Hades Hero Skills for Wonder Defense

For wonder defense, you’re going to put priority on Altar Boosts, Debuffs, Set Bonus and Attack.  Finally, dump any leftover points into Troop Health 2.



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  1. The best set bonus I could get was base bonus 5 Troop Attack Bonus 16% and Special full bonus 7 48% and that was about 2 hours of trying and 4 million gold.

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