Hephaestus Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

All about the Hephaestus Core Set. How to skill your hero properly, which gems are best to use, and which troops are best for attacking with Hephaestus.

Hephaestus Core Set Recipe, Gems and Hero Skills

The Hephaestus Core set is for use at the wonder.

With Hephaestus you’re going to be sending a mix of troops.  Likely an even 9 way mix is going to be your starting mix – and you’ll adjust as you’re countered and counter and gain experience with the set.

All commentary on this set will be geared towards wonder DEFENSE.

Copy/Paste Hephaestus Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):


Pieces for all cores: Ruby Heart + Grim Fire + Inferno Crystal + Salamander Tail

Helm: Blood Knight Emblem + Champion Proof
Armor: Dragon Ash + Gothic Candlestick
Feet: Gothic Candlestick + Salamander Skin
Weapon: Sinister Gimlet + Vocanic Ruby
Accessory: Power Crystal + Blood Knight Emblem

Hephaestus Core Set Line Sharing Image:


Hephaestus Core Set Recipe

Hephaestus Core Set Hero Skills:

For wonder defense, you’re going to put priority on Altar Boosts, Debuffs, Set Bonus and Attack.  Finally, dump any leftover points into Troop Health 2.


Hephaestus Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

As a wonder core set, priority is on attack and attack debuff.  Leap Year Special (35% Attack), Domination (35% Attack), Power (25% Attack), and Chronos (12.5% Attack, 12.5% Attack Debuff).

Other gems that might come in handy are Chocolate Special (35% Attack Debuff), Troll Special (35% Health Debuff), Abyssal (20% Attack, 5% Defense), Nightmares (25% Health Debuff).

Hephaestus Secret Bonuses

(No info on this yet)