KvK Kill Event Scoring

KvK Kill Event Scoring

Points awarded during KvK Kill Events have been updated as of May 14.

Points in a “Troop Tier KE” are awarded based on the tier of troop you kill in attacks.  This can be confusing at first because it means that “burning” an opponent doesn’t necessarily mean you win the points battle.

As of May 14’s KvK Kill Events, the points are awarded as follow.


Current maximum march, with boosts, is 1,153,944.  That is 115,394,400 points awarded if your entire march dies when attacking a target.

The thresholds for winning the points battle now are changed to the following for a “troop tier KE”:

Points for Max T4 March # of Troop Kills Required to Win Troop Tier
115,394,400 19,232,400 T1
115,394,400 4,808,100 T2
115,394,400 1,775,298 T3
115,394,400 1,153,944 T4


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  1. Did anyone happen to get SS of the Gauntlet event scoring? I am specifically looking for tier 1. Just had some questions about what the points actually were and I cant remember.

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