March Speed Gear Compared

March Speed Gear Compared

When you’re ready to march against the wonder or an SH opponent, boosting march speed gives you an edge by reducing the amount of time your opponent has to read and react to your attack.

The top 25 pieces of march speed gear are as follow…

Gear March Speed Boost
Hermes Winged Sandals 315%
Barbarians Spear 225%
Hermes Winged Armor 203%
Barbarians Breastplate 200%
Barbarians Casque 200%
Barbarians Cleavers 200%
Barbarians Judgment 200%
Barbarians Legplates 200%
Barbarians Skullcrushers 200%
Hermes Winged Flight 200%
Hermes Winged Staff 189%
Hermes Winged Helm 174%
Haunted Kunoichis Cloak 170%
Haunted Kunoichis Kunai 170%
Haunted Kunoichis Machete 170%
Haunted Kunoichis Tabi Boots 170%
Kunoichis Wings 170%
Reapers Hood 125%
Firelords Tasset 100%
Phoenix Boots 100%
Satyr Hooves 100%
Shoguns Kegutsu 100%
Hermes Winged Bracers 93%
Leprechaun Shoes 85%

Mix and match to achieve the best march speed you can afford with the materials you have on hand.

March Speed Set Gear:

If you want the VERY BEST march speed achievable, the answer is clearly the Hermes Set.  Fully gemmed and skilled with Max Set Bonus Research, you’ll achieve march speed of 2239.75%.


There are a few gear sets that offer enhanced march speed AND some offense/defense, which is great for the wonder play where letting down your guard for more than a split second can mean getting solo’d out.

Northern King is the most well known:


The new Northern King Accessories offer an even greater boost:


Finally, a mix of Northern King and Hermes yields the best result while maintaining good attack/defense stats.


March Speed Gems:

The Falling Star Special Gem (25%), Gem of Flight (12.5%), Minotaur (5%) and Cyclops (4%) Gems all offer additional march speed boosts.

March Speed Hero Skills:


Skilling all the way down the left side of your hero tree will unlock a March Speed hero skill.  Max that and then skill for Altar Bonuses, Set Bonus, Debuffs, Defense and Health.



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