Nike Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

All about the Nike Core Set. How to skill your hero properly, which gems are best to use, and which troops are best for attacking with Ares.

Nike Core Set Recipe, Gems and Hero Skills

The Nike core set is very high infantry attack, with a variety of enemy debuffs that appear to come close to, if not completely zeroing heroless target’s stats.

When attacking with Nike, you ALWAYS send Infantry Troops, as all boosts are tuned to improve Infantry attack stats.

Please note: All Skills/Gems listed below are for hitting Strongholds with their hero at home.  Alternate configurations are more appropriate for hitting a Stronghold with their hero marching, in prison, or in the Wonder.

Copy/Paste Nike Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):


Pieces for all cores: Nike’s Prize + Battle Tactics + Victory Medallion + Flight Essence

Helm: Wreath Materials + Vigil Candle
Armor: Glory Plate + Symbol of Success
Feet: Soldier Ration + Blessed Wings
Weapon: Elixer of Strength + Triumph Trophy
Accessory: Blessed Wings + Symbol of Success

Nike Core Set Line Sharing Image:

Nike Core Set Secret Recipe


Nike Core Set Hero Skills:

This SS shows full hero level 60.  For lower hero levels, order of priority is:  Altar Boosts, Attack/Defense/Health Debuffs, Set Bonus, Rally Attack, Infantry Attack, Health, and finally Infantry Health

Nike Hero Skills


Nike Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

*PLEASE NOTE: These gems are best for hitting SH with hero HOME.  Depending on how this set’s final crafted stats come out, we may dial back on debuff a bit in favor of more attack (if it already zeroes out a target’s defense).

Special:  Devastation (35% DD), Heartbreaker (25% DD), Leap Year (35% attack)
Regular: Leap Year (35% DD), Voyager (25% DD), Ruthless Infantry (17.5% Infantry Attack, 17.5% DD), Pot-o-Gold (17.5% attack, 17.5% DD), Sacrifice (15% Infantry Attack, 15% DD)

Nike Core Set Special Set Bonuses:


We haven’t obtained secret set bonuses.  If you have some, please send!