Odin Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

Odin Core Set

The Odin core set is high cavalry attack, high infantry attack.  Its versatility makes it great for some tricky SH hits and for wonder play (Odin typically beats both 4H and Emerald with little difficulty).  This particular setup guide is for use in hitting SH with hero home.

When attacking with Odin, you will typically send an even mix of Infantry and Cavalry Troops as all boosts are tuned to improve infantry and cavalry attack stats.

Please note: All Skills/Gems listed below are for hitting Strongholds with their hero at home.  Alternate configurations are more appropriate for using Odin at the wonder.

Copy/Paste Odin Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):


Pieces for all cores: Wolf’s Teeth + Raven’s Eye + Sleipnir’s Horseshoe + Valkyries Wings

Helm: Valkyries Invocation + Cosmic Ether
Armor: Eternal Wisdom + Asgardian Ingot
Feet: Valkyries Invocation + Asgardian Ingot
Weapon: Valhalla’s Blessing + Frost Kissed Edge
Accessory: Whispers of Ragnarok + Shards of Ice

Odin Core Set Line Sharing Image:

Odin Core Set Secret Recipe

Odin Core Set Hero Skills:

This SS shows full hero level 60.  For lower hero levels, the order of priority is:  Altar Boosts, Attack/Defense/Health Debuffs, Set Bonus, Rally Attack, Cavalry and Infantry Attack I and II, and any leftover points go to troop Health.


Odin Core Set Hero Skills

Odin Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

*PLEASE NOTE: These gems are best for hitting SH with hero home.  Other configurations are better suited for Wonder battles.

Special:  Devastation (35% DD), Heartbreaker (25% DD), Leap Year (35% attack)
Regular: Leap Year (35% DD), Voyager (25% DD), Pot-o-Gold (17.5% attack, 17.5% DD), Ruthless Infantry (17.5% Cavalry Attack, 17.5% DD), Torment (15% Cavalry Attack, 15% DD)

Odin Core Set Special Set Bonuses:

For hitting SH, the Defense Debuff Special Set Bonuses are best.

Odin Core Set Special Set Bonus

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