Poseidon Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

All about the Poseidon Core Set. How to skill your hero properly, which gems are best to use, and which troops are best for attacking with Poseidon.

Poseidon Core Set Recipe, Gems and Hero Skills

The Poseidon core set is high ranged attack, with tons of great debuffs.

When attacking with Poseidon, you ALWAYS send Ranged Troops, as all boosts are tuned to improve ranged attack stats.

Please note: All Skills/Gems listed below are for hitting Strongholds with their hero at home.  Alternate configurations are more appropriate for hitting a Stronghold with their hero marching, in prison or in the Wonder.

Poseidon Base Stats - OMG
Poseidon Base Stats – OMG
Poseidon Base and Full Set Bonus
Poseidon Base and Full Set Bonus

Copy/Paste Poseidon Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):


Pieces for all cores: Depth Water + Kraken Heart + Naga Egg + Tsunami Jewel

Helm: Scylla Eye + Watcher’s Pendant
Armor: Aqua Pendant + Giant Shell
Feet: Arcadian Tribute + Sunken Treasure
Weapon: Ship’s Wheel + Trident Tip
Accessory: Giant Shell + Ship’s Wheel

Poseidon Core Set Line Sharing Image:


Poseidon Core Set Hero Skills:

This SS shows full hero level 60.  For lower hero levels, order of priority is:  Altar Boosts, Attack/Defense/Health Debuffs, Set Bonus, Ranged Attack, Health, and finally Ranged Health

PLEASE NOTE: My preference is to boost ranged health rather than rally attack bonus – because I’m using poseidon to solo hit and break previously unbreakable traps.  I also keep a second preset for poseidon that’s skilled to include rally attack as a priority, for when I’m rallying.


Poseidon Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

*PLEASE NOTE: These gems are best for hitting SH with hero HOME.  Other configurations are better suited for hitting SH with hero in prison, marching or in the wonder.

Special:  Devastation (35% DD), Heartbreaker (25% DD), Leap Year (35% attack)
Regular: Leap Year (35% DD), Voyager (25% DD), Volley (17.5% Ranged Attack, 17.5% DD), Pot-o-Gold (17.5% attack, 17.5% DD), Sanguine (15% Ranged Attack, 15% DD)

Poseidon Core Set Special Set Bonuses:

So far these are the best bonuses we’ve seen.  It’s likely there’s an overall troop defense debuff boost as well.  If you have one, send it to us!

Poseidon_Special_Bonuses Poseidon Core Set Secret Bonuses 2

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