Ranged Core Sets Compared

GoW Poseidon, Dragon Bone, and Dragon King Compared

The big three ranged core set missiles in GoW are the Poseidon Core Set, Dragon Bone Core Set, and Dragon King Core Set.  Each has its own unique characteristics.

We’ll take a look at each individually, then directly compare.

For the purposes of this analysis, we’re going to be looking at the effectiveness of the sets vs. an enemy stronghold versus at the wonder.  This is important to note especially because Dragon Bone is often used as a wonder set.

Dragon King

Dragon King is moderately high ranged attack and offers built-in defense debuff and health debuff.  It also offers high defense and ranged troop specific defense.

Dragon King Core Set Base Stats
Dragon King Base Stats – Unskilled and Ungemmed

The secret bonus is typically set to infantry defense debuff – usually around a total of 250%-300%.

With proper gems (defense debuff), it’s a great set for busting poorly built traps, solo attacks on smaller targets (250 mil and below) or rallies on larger non-trap targets (1.5 bil – 2 bil) sleeping in bad gear.

Dragon King is also a VERY common core set.  You can usually chew through these on a regular basis without fear of running out, even if you’re not a big spender.

Dragon Bone

Dragon Bone is high ranged attack and offers built-in attack debuff and health debuff.  It also offers a moderate amount of defense.

Dragon Bone Core Set Base Stats
Dragon Bone Base Stats – Unskilled and Ungemmed

If hitting strongholds, the secret bonus is typically set to enemy troop defense debuff – typically in the range of about 70%-100%.

With proper gems (defense debuff), the inherent high attack makes it effective when used for solo attacks on moderate sized targets (400 mil and below) or rallies on larger non-trap targets (3 bil – 4 bil) sleeping in bad gear.  Dragon Bone is also frequently used to deliver massive hits on targets being zeroed, once their cavalry troops have been mostly eliminated.

Dragon Bone is also quite common.  Most players will have cores and pieces to keep a couple of these in inventory at all times.


The Poseidon Core Set is the newest ranged monstrosity to be released by MZ.  It quite plainly dwarfs any other ranged secret recipe.

It offers massive ranged attack and overall troop attack as well as enemy troop specific attack debuff, and huge amounts of overall attack debuff and health debuff.

Poseidon Core Set Base Stats
Poseidon Base Stats – Unskilled and Ungemmed


The poseidon secret bonus should be set to Infantry Defense Debuff and will usually total between 275% – 310%.

Proper gemming depends on if you’re hitting strongholds with hero home or if you’re specifically targeting those with their hero in the wonder, marching or in prison.  For hero home when you gem for additional defense debuff and ranged attack this set is going to completely demolish most solo traps up to 800 mil to 1 bil power.  Large targets in good defense gear like frost or imperial are also possible to burn up to 7-8 bil (I’m guessing… but it is probably higher)… and virtually all targets up to 50+ billion (or more) could be possible if in bad gear.  As more and more testing is done, we’ll update this info.

The one downside to the Poseidon core set is that it’s super-rare so far.  As time goes by this could change… but right now they’re hard to come by.

Side-By-Side Comparison

For the purposes of getting a high-level view of the differences between these sets, we’ve taken some of the most important stats for a ranged missile set and set them side by side.

Dragon Bone Dragon King Poseidon
Ranged Att 2168% 1871% 3257%
Ranged Def 262% 410% 262%
Ranged Hth 124% 60% 467%
Att 1168% 1079% 782%
Def 1288% 1393% 959%
Hth 1301% 1739% 422%
Cav Att Deb 100% 139% 555%
Inf Def Deb 50% 50% 50%
Cav Hth Deb 64% 64% 50%
Att Deb 374% 70% 740%
Def Deb 85% 160% 245%
Hth Deb 464% 109% 1193%

Secret bonuses compared are as follow:


The three big ranged sets each have their unique strengths and as the game evolves different situations may present themselves where one set suddenly becomes better than the others.  Discuss below and let us know if you’re seeing any numbers different than what we’ve suggested above!

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