Research Gear and Hero Skills

GoW Research gear and proper hero skill allocation:

Research Gear List

Head: Chancellors Hood*, Magister Headdress*, Phoenix Beak Helm, Reapers Hood
Armor: Chancellors Robes*, Magister Robe*, Phoenix Breastplate, Mammoth Bone Cuirass
Feet: Chancellors Garb*, Magister Wraps*, Rabbit Boots
Weapon: Chancellors Scepter*, Magister Scepter*, Char Crusher, Jade Legend, Scythe
Accessory: Chancellors Tome*, Magister Orb*, Shoguns Sashimono, Glass Vase, Chalice, Decanter

* Part of Chancellor/Magister Set (best gear)

Research Gems:

Scholar-Special-thumb-01 Architect-thumb-01-01 Wisdom Gem Game of War

The Scholar (5%), Architect (3%), and Wisdom (3%) Gems offer additional research boosts.

Always equip your research gear and skill your hero for research EVERY time you start a new research.  If you have a full Magister or Chancellor set you get extra reductions to research cost or time provided you have done the proper research in the set bonus research tree.

Proper hero skills for research are as follow.  Skill down the right side of the tree to get both research skills maxed.  If you have a full Magister or Chancellor set you’ll also want to skill down to fill both the 5 and 7 set bonus skills.  Fill the remainder with health and defense, to hopefully minimize damage should you be hit.  It is probably best not to be unshielded in this gear though, as it is very weak defensively.



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