Training Gear and Hero Skills

Game of War Training gear and proper hero skill allocation:

Training Gear List

Gear Boost Type
Dragon Bone Greaves 45% Relic
Grand Marshals Tassets 43% Normal
Grand Marshals Armor 42% Normal
Grand Marshals Helm 41% Normal
Grand Marshals Shield 41% Normal
Grand Marshals Blade 40% Normal
Hydra Leather Boots 40% Relic
Typhon Head Pendant 40% Relic
Generals Greaves 35% Normal
Generals Helm 32% Normal
Cyclops Bone Chestplate 30% Relic
Dragon Fang Helm 30% Relic
Generals Gauntlets 30% Normal
Generals Vestment 30% Normal
Generals Wingblade 28% Normal
Hoof Boots 28% Relic
Minotaur Head 28% Relic
Firelords Armor 26% Normal
Molten Core Cage 26% Normal
Fiery Cloak of Fantasy 25% Normal
Hydra Leather Armor 25% Relic
Iridescent Scale Helm 25% Relic
Kunoichis Machete 25% Normal
Taurus Armor 24% Relic
Shoguns Kegutsu 22% Normal
Cerberus Fur Chlamys 20% Relic
Cyclops Bone Legplates 20% Relic
Inferno Legplates 20% Normal
Phoenix Bow 20% Normal
Spear of Fire 20% Normal
Phoenix Breastplate 16% Normal
Ajax Boots 14% Relic
Prophets Garb 14% Relic
Hades Axe 12% Normal
Hood of Requiem 12% Relic
Chained Marble Hammer 10% Normal
Grand Marshals Plate 10% Normal
Phoenix Life 10% Normal
Vine Whip 4% Normal

Mix and match to do the best you can with the materials you have on hand.  Relics are great, but have a shelf life.  Once they expire they are gone forever.

Training Gems:

Discipline-Special-thumb-01 Training-thumb-01 Wisdom Gem Game of War

The Discipline (10%), Training (6%), and Wisdom (5%) Gems offer additional training speed boosts.

Always equip your training gear and skill your hero for training EVERY time you train troops.  If you have a full Grand Marshall or Generals set you get extra reductions to training cost or time provided you have done the proper research in the set bonus research tree.

Proper hero skills for training are as follow if you’re using a training set like Grand Marshall or General’s.  You always want to at least maximize the training speed, troop queue and resource cost reduction items.  If you’re using a set, skill into the set bonus items.  Finally, fill the rest of the left over points to defense.


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