Zeus Core Set – How to Gem for Heroless

Gem Zeus for hitting Heroless SH

This guide assumes you’ve skilled your hero according to the zeus core set guide here.

First thing first – this is ONE way to gem for hitting targets with their HERO IN PRISON.  Many players will say “you need more defense debuff” or “you need more health debuff”.  The fact is they will both be right.

These stats will be good for hitting targets that do NOT have max research, sh 22, and all their building plots unlocked and filled with barracks.  Bigger, record-setting targets will require more, better gems and higher target debuff stats.

That all being said, here’s the good stuff:

How to gem zeus for heroless hits


What I’m trying to do for heroless is achieve about 1000-1100 defense debuff, 400-500 health debuff, and then stack as much attack as possible on top of that.

So I start with heartbreaker 4th gems (at the time I made this set, devastation was not available or I would have used that instead), leap year, voyager and infantry attack.

As I get closer to my target defense debuff, I start to mix in more health debuff gems like Troll Special and Nightmare – filling empty slots with attack gems like power and annihilation.

Finally, once I’ve achieved my target DD and HD, I fill the rest of the way with the Leap Year Special gems, power, abyssal, and annihilation.

It’s important to remember that a lot of this is just personal preference and not at all meant to be the perfect, ultimate way to gem.  I will likely change my mind next time I gem for heroless just to see what different targets and gem types produce in the way of results.  Do the same and please post any observations you might have in comments below!

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