Zeus Core Set – Gem/Skill Guide

All about the Zeus Core Set. How to skill your hero properly, which gems are best to use, and which troops are best for attacking with Zeus.

Zeus Core Set Recipe, Gems and Hero Skills

The Zeus core set is high infantry attack, high defense debuff.

When attacking with Zeus, you ALWAYS send Infantry Troops, as all boosts are tuned to improve infantry attack stats.

Please note: All Skills/Gems listed below are for hitting Strongholds with their hero at home.  The heroless configuration can be found here.

Copy/Paste Zeus Core Set Recipe (fits in GoW in-game chats):



All Pieces: Fulgurite Ore + Pandoras Box + Pure Lightning + Hephaestus Ore

Helm: Elysium Cloth + Minotaur Skull
Armor: Medusa Scale + Olympus Plating
Feet: Chronos Remnant + Rhea Remnant
Weapon: Hydra Blood + Oracle Amulet
Acc: Medusa Scale + Elysium Cloth

Zeus Core Set Line Sharing Image:



Zeus Core Set Hero Skills:

This SS shows full hero level 60.  For lower hero levels, order of priority is:  Altar Boosts, Attack/Defense/Health Debuffs, Set Bonus, Rally Attack, Infantry Attack, Health, and finally Infantry Health



Zeus Core Set Gems (listed in order of priority):

*PLEASE NOTE: These gems are best for hitting SH with hero HOME.  The heroless configuration is here.

Special:  Devastation (35% DD), Heartbreaker (25% DD), Leap Year (35% attack)
Regular: Leap Year (35% DD), Voyager (25% DD), Ruthless Infantry (17.5% Infantry Attack, 17.5% DD), Pot-o-Gold (17.5% attack, 17.5% DD), Sacrifice (15% Infantry Attack, 15% DD)


Zeus Core Set Special Set Bonuses:

Try to reset to one of these bonuses, or a combination of the two.  Testing indicates that TROOP DEFENSE DEBUFF produces best results, but CAVALRY TROOP DEFENSE DEBUFF is highly effective as well (and seems to be more common).

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  1. Ha mate just been looking at your site just need help with one thing how do you no what gems to use do you pick what you’re
    Gear is low in and boost that or do you boost the highs or both thanks love the site

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